Stop Resetting My Apps

Stop Resetting My Apps

  • File Version: Stop Resetting My Apps
  • File Name: StopResettingMyApps.exe
  • File Size: 407.05 KB
  • Author: Carifred
  • License: Freeware
  • Updated: June, 24th 2019
  • Requirements: Windows 10

As you may have already experienced, Windows 10 may periodically reset the default apps. The reset action sometimes takes place when a Windows update or an update of one of the Windows inbuilt apps like Microsoft Edge, Photos, or Groove Music. it should also be caused by a 3rd party program.
Default apps are the programs that are executed by default after you open a file or protocol. Resetting them without your consent may be extremely inconvenient because it will take a lot of work to set them up once more.
Stop Resetting My Apps helps you to work around this issue by preventing some of those inbuilt apps from being set as the default apps. This doesn’t affect the functionality of those apps.
Windows 10 is known for periodically resetting the default apps. this can be very annoying and time-consuming as you need to set up your preferred file associations again.
This tool helps you to work around that issue by preventing some built-in apps such as Microsoft Edge or Photos to be set as the default apps. By doing so, your file associations will remain unchanged, while those built-in apps remain completely functional.
In order to block an app, click or tap the corresponding tile below. Already blocked apps have a “Stop sign” icon overlayed. To unblock the same app, just click or tap it again. Changes are instantly applied.

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