Tech Tool Store

Tech Tool Store

  • File Version:
  • File Name: TechToolStore.exe
  • File Size: 6.28MB
  • Author: Carifred
  • License: Demo
  • Updated: February, 20th 2021
  • Requirements: Windows 10 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows XP

Tech Tool Store is a handy software that consists of more than 500 free technician tools having an interface that is simple and fully featured. With this software, we can configure, update, run and organize easily just by clicking on it. Also, we can handily, add other tools to the list we prefer. Some additional features comprise professional reports of HTML hence helping to assist in uninstalling some tools which are installable.

How to install and uninstall the software?

You don’t need to install a tech tool store as this is wholly portable and convenient.

Firstly, we have to download the .exe file and transfer this to the toolkit’s mass storage device. This can be either SD or micro SD card, network drive, external hard disk drive, or even Pendrive.

Next, the device must have READ/WRITE access and should also have free space of about 8GB or more.

After that, a folder namely Tech Tool Store tools will be created in the current directory. This folder contains all the data of the application which comprises databases, reports, tools that are downloaded, and settings.

To remove Tech Tools Store software permanently from the device we just need to delete its executable and the related folder of Tech Tool Store Tools.

Technical Requirements for the software:

Tech Tool Store is very light, portable, and small which needs CPU cycles and a very lesser amount of memory. The executable (about 3 MB) Tech Tool Store already encloses both 64 and 32 bits files and will use only the correct ones, as stated by the OS arch. In this way, you don’t need to concern about selecting a file that is different from another Windows architecture.

What are the disclaimers of Tool Store?

These tools are neither organized by the software developers, nor they are filled in the executable of the application. Generally, these tools should be downloaded from the website that the author provides, but these tools can also be downloaded through different websites. With the purpose to conserve bandwidth, such tools are barely downloaded either when they are not downloaded or maybe are not updated. Some changes are done by the third parties.

How to start Tech tool Store?

After downloaded run the Tech Tool Store, it will demonstrate the interface.

First, start with the built-in tools. Also, you can hide the tools that will be never used from the provided list. You can restore the hidden tools later if needed.

You may need to use some tools very frequently. For quicker access, you can move those tools in the group My Favourite Tools which is located at the top. Do this easily from the context menu from the list.

After that start downloading so that it’s ready to use on the necessary computer.

You can also create a tool you require that might not be listed. This is a very quick as well as easy process.

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