Wise Reminder Free Download for Windows 10, 7, 8, XP

Wise ReminderWise Reminder

File Version: Wise Reminder 1.3.1
File size: 1.94MB
Requirements: Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows XP
License: Freeware
Author: WiseCleaner
Last Updated: March, 14th 2019

Wise Reminder is an Accurate Schedule Manager & Reminder Tool. Manage your schedule & remind you anytime effectively for free!
Wise Reminder was designed to make sure you don’t forget about things like your daily tasks and appointments. By using the application you can easily schedule reminders for various tasks and efficiently manage a list of reminders. Wise Reminder has a very concise interface, it has all the tasks categorized in two different groups, namely unfinished and completed, aiming to make the schedule easier to manage. Scheduling a new reminder is just a matter of a few clicks, even beginners can get the hang of it in a minute.
Wise Reminder can be of great use to users who have a busy schedule each day, enabling them to organize their schedules in an efficient way. The application runs silently in the system tray, without interrupting your work. When the time is up, a popup window will pop up punctually reminding you the task needs to be done and making sure that you don’t forget about it.
if you are a little busy or have some unfinished job by then, you can delay the reminder by choosing a duration of time like 5 minutes or 2 hours and then click ‘Remind me later’. This feature allows you to deactivate the alarm or keep it in ‘snooze’ mode, which sets the program to remind you again about it in a certain amount of minutes.
The Wise Reminder installer is only a little over 1MB in size. It will run silently in the background when a task is created, consuming very little system resources. It has been developed and fully tested to work great on Windows 10 and other Windows operating systems, from Windows XP and up. No matter what you own - a desktop or a laptop.
A Things-to-Do Reminder That Helps You Organize Daily Tasks.
Simple and Intuitive User Interface.
Remind You Accurately So That You Won’t Miss A Thing.
Postpone The Alarm If You Are Engaged With Something.
Super Low CPU Usage & Compatible with Almost All Windows Versions.
Available languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Chinese, Japanese.

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