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About WO Mic:

WO Mic will flip your phone to be a mike for your laptop. you’d wish to not pay a cent to buy for any gizmo. And it’s portable if you pick wireless conveyance. Many folks have put in it and area unit mistreatment it daily for talking, recording, voice remote and much of different activities.

Three elements join forces to comprehend that:

1. WO Mic App that runs on the phone. It apprehends your voice through a phone mike and disseminates these to the laptop.

2. WO Mic consumer that runs on a laptop. It adjoins to an application, attains voice understanding, and upholds them to virtual mic equipment.

3. WO Mic Virtual Device that additionally runs on a laptop, tho’ in kernel house. It receives voice knowledge from consumer programs, simulates a real mike device, and provides audio knowledge to applications like Sound Recorder. Read More >>