FAU-G Game APK Download for Android (Latest Version)

nCORE Games’ FAUG, sometimes known as Fearless and United Guards, is an action game. It is a game that you can download on your mobile that either has Android or iOS systems. After PUBG was banned in 2021 on Republic Day, nCORE Games, a Bengaluru-based firm, released this game. This game is based on real-life events. These occurrences occurred along India’s border.

This game was launched when the Information and Technology Ministry of India along with the Government of India had banned more than 100 Chinese Apps as a resolution to stop the usage of Chinese Apps in India. This initiative was taken because of the tensions that took place between India and China. Surprisingly, this game has become popular amongst Indians as it is a made-in-India game.


FAUG is a shooting game that can be downloaded for Android or iOS devices. It is a multiplayer game that is based on real-life events. The storyline of the game is situated in the Galwan Valley. It revolves around an incident that happened on the India-China borders. A soldier gets lost in the Galwan Valley at the start of the game. The soldier is an Indian Army soldier. The soldier engages in combat with foes to target and gets hold of various checkpoints and finish tasks.

Ladakh is home to the Galwan Valley. Chinese forces attack India’s frontiers, but only the players are left alive to fight the intruders. Armed with handcrafted weaponry, the soldiers engage in combat with the enemy. The majority of the action in the game is in the form of kicks and punches.

Features of FAUG Game Download APK for Android (Latest Version)

The latest version of FAUG for Android comes with amazing features. Here are some of them:

Online Game

FAUG is an online game. In other words, you can play this game with anyone in India. You can form teams with your friends or even play in random teams formed by the game system.

High-Quality Graphics

The graphics in the game are of high quality. The graphics also give the player a real-life experience, as if they’re situated in the Galwan Valley. The combination of 3D Graphics used in the game is an experience one always looks for in the gaming industry.

Free of Cost

The game is free of cost. You can easily download the game from the Play Store. Additionally, while you play the game, there are no other hidden costs involved.

Exciting Weapons

The weapons in the game are handcrafted. These weapons can be collected easily after killing enemies or picking them up on the way. The weapons will help you battle against the enemies and retain checkpoints and complete missions.

Intriguing Gameplay

As mentioned above, the latest android version has many updates. The game also has an exciting storyline and plot. It revolves around a lot of action and shooting, which makes the gameplay intriguing.

Surprisingly, the best part of FAUG is that 20% of the revenue generated from the in-game shop is given to the Bharat Ke Veer Trust, which is a foundation that runs to support the Indian Army. FAUG Game Download APK for Android (Latest Version) has a lot of interesting updates and features. To know more, simply download the game on your mobile and support a good cause while having fun with your friends!

AuthorStudio nCore Pvt. Ltd.
RequirementsAndroid 8.0+
Content RatingRated for 10+
Security StatusSafe to Use
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