GTA San Andreas Remastered for Android

GTA San Andreas Remastered for Android

  • Version: gta sa remastered android 0.4
  • File Name: GTA_SA_Remastered-0.4.apk
  • File Size: 102 MB
  • Requirements: Android 4.3+
  • Content Rating: Rated for 3+
  • Updated: January, 14th 2022
  • License: Free
  • Security Status: Safe to Use
  • Details: gta san andreas remastered download android Latest Version Apk File

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas (GTA SA) is a game designed by Rockstar Gaming Industry for Android phones. In this article, we will discuss the Remastered version which means better sound and image quality and can be played on all types of android phones. The mod of GTA San Andreas Remastered for Android is a single player. In the Remastered version of GTA, one cannot play online and in a multi-player mode. GTA San Andreas is an open-world video game for street-style fights between different gangs. In this game, you must have to complete the mission for progress toward the next mission.

GTA San Andreas Remastered Android


One of the main attractions of GTA San Andreas is allowing access of players to three big cities Las Centaurus, Los Santo, and San Fierro. In this game, the map of cities is designed with shady streets, posh areas, suburbs, desserts, and forests. There are several vehicles and automobiles that players can steal and use ranging from seeking racing cars, motorcycles, bicycles, moped, hoggers, crafts, boats, helicopters, trains, and airplanes.

Furthermore, for the street fights between different gangs, GTA set an acronym tone. Basic activities like running, walking, jumping, and even hijacking are available for the protagonist. As well as fight hand to hand or use weapons. In GTA San Andreas the player can act like a fighter crime that will fight for justice.


The player will drive a taxi, deliver passengers and injured people to the hospital, extinguish burning cars and become a firefighter. On completing one mission player will upgrade with another mission. Some new missions are also available for the player who will accomplish their missions. The visual rockstar says the game will feature to make GTA 5 better so we include radio station wheels, trophies, updated weapons, updated mini maps, and many more that allow players to set away to the destination, The whole GTA San Andreas is a challenging game that makes the player motivated as there is an outstanding asset available for them. There are a bunch of rewards for the player on completion of the mission.

GTA San Andreas Remastered Download for Android

The Basics

The developer of GTA San Andreas tries to make sure that the game would be entertaining and interesting as well. That also can be considered as one of the best reasons for the high demand for GTA San Andreas

Almost 17 years ago GTA San Andreas was released though the graphics were not so good the game is still enjoyable. Few different mods are available in the Remastered version. Those who want to re-experience GTA San Andreas. By watching the demand GTA 5 is developed in 2021.

The GTA 5 is designed to target the player who does not have sufficient internet facilities all the time. So, all of those players who are facing such kinds of difficulties now will be able to download and install this game APK file. They will use it offline and enjoy it. In Gaming Business GTA 5 is the most famous game it is accessible on PS3, PS4, PS5, and windows. GTA series bring fervors and astounding missions for players.

Pros and Cons

The graphics of the Remastered version is outstanding but there are some considerable faults with it. As some elements of the game are missing and the characters are also realistic. In the previous version of GTA San Andreas, the game is easier to play and the characters of the game are also the same as the original. A remake is needed for the GTA San Andreas without worrying about modifying specific content and updated controls.

How to Download and Install GTA San Andreas Remastered on your Android:

Follow the steps as Follows to Play GTA San Andreas Remastered on your PC:

  • First, click on the download button and save the file on your Device.
  • After that, open the folder where you saved the file.
  • Then click on the GTA_SA_Remastered-0.4.apk file and click on the ‘Install’ Button.
  • After that, you will notice a “GTA_SA_Remastered” Game Icon in your Mobile Menu and Click on it to Run The Game.
  • If asked to allow the program to make changes to your device, click “Yes” to continue.

And there you go! You have successfully launched the game.

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