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About Far Cry 3:

It is not just any run-of-the-mill first-person shooter. The game is set on a wild island and is divided into missions and objectives. The terrain makes up for interesting tactical plans. The jungle provides ample cover and the slaughtered animals can be improvised into useful gears. Exotic plant sap can be used for health-reviving medicines. Far Cry 3, like its predecessors, is set in an open-world scenario. The players can customize their characters and their weapons. Even the missions can be approached in different manners. Either you can opt for an adrenaline-driven firing rampage or you can opt for a stealth attack on the enemies. Strategic positions need to be taken over. Each accomplished mission results in the skill enhancement of the player. The skill sets are broadly divided into three categories: the Spider, the Shark, and the Heron, each highlighting one particular trait of the gameplay. Read More >>