FIFA 14 PC Game Download for Windows 11/10/8/7


FIFA 14 PC Game is a sports association football simulation video game released by EA Sports in 2013. It was developed by EA Canada and published by EA Sports in 2013. It was launched for Xbox 360, PS3, and Microsoft Windows in late September 2013. It was launched on February 28, 2014, for iOS and Windows Phone 8, and under the title FIFA 14 Mobile for Android on September 23, 2013, as a freemium game, while much of the game is unavailable without an in-app purchase.

Following the success of the previous FIFA 13 games. The producer decides to create a new game. However, the game’s developer has made several adjustments this time. This time, the game includes the players’ original faces. and the visuals have been much enhanced and are of very excellent quality. When you begin playing this videogame, you will be immersed in the genuine world of football.


The game’s design lets players create their squad out of staff and professional players, which they can then use to participate in both offline and online divisions and tournaments. FUT also enables players to play a “single online match,” in which they can play one match against another player without participating in competitions or leagues. As participants play online and offline matches, they earn coins to spend on upgrading their squad. Depending on whether the team tied, won, or lost, each game awards a certain number of coins.


PC Gamers and other items are obtained in the form of cards, which can be purchased from other gamers via the transfer option or by purchasing packs. Card grades are divided as follows: bronze medal, golden, and silver, which indicate the caliber of the competitors. Silver, bronze, and gold packs are also available. Customized Packs, which contain uncommon cards, are also available. Packs can be purchased using FIFA points (which must be purchased with actual money) or coins (which can be won by playing FUT matches).

Players can alter any player’s playstyle, as well as tweak kit numbers and player functions for set pieces. Gamers can randomly get well-known players from the past when purchasing Gold Packs, such as Dennis Bergkamp, Ruud Gullit, Pelé, and Gary Lineker.

FIFA 14 PC Features

The key elements of FIFA 14 are listed below.

  • The footballers’ original faces
  • Graphics have been greatly improved and are of very high quality.
  • Football games on a national and international level
  • Several well-known leagues
  • 600 licensed teams in the German Bundesliga, from the Champions League and La Liga to the German Bundesliga.
  • There are almost 16000 players in this game.

FIFA 14 PC Game Review

FIFA 14 PC Game has been updated to the point where it is now able to do activities as if you were on a proper football pitch. The player has complete control over the angle at which he hits the ball, as well as the breadth of the step that is only necessary for him. The soccer ball took on a more realistic appearance as well. He bounces around the lawn in different ways and no longer clings to footballers’ boots. Sharp twists can cause virtual players, like actual ones, to tumble.

The game has gotten a lot more challenging, but it’s also gotten a lot more intriguing.

This is further aided by the emergence of multiple modes. A career mode, for instance, has emerged. Several people may like the ability to form their squad and compete against actual people or with a machine.

In this version of FIFA, the graphics and visuals are tremendously updated. Fans in the seats shout and raise their hands during the game, just like they would throughout an actual football game. Football players‘ faces are tough to discern from those of genuine football stars. All of this allows you to immerse yourself in the world of genuine football.

Download FIFA 14 for PC

Without any hassle, you can download FIFA 14 for PC in high-definition for free on Windows 7/8/10 from our website. FIFA 14 is a football game in which our player must battle one of history’s greatest warriors in gameplay. As you already know, we will provide authentic and genuine games for our users. Many other phony websites are supplying fake links for this high-class program, and our loving administrators are working very hard to combat this. Solving problems will allow you to defeat our hero adversary, which is the only road to victory.


You will be able to play professional football in FIFA 14. Anyone can also play games at home. This game’s most intriguing aspect is that. You may also watch popular competitions such as the English Premier League and La Liga, as well as the German League and others.

You have the option of playing your games at one of 34 modern stadiums. This game now has more than 600 licensed teams and over 16000 participants. In this game, you can even create your squad.

NameFIFA 14
AuthorEA Vancouver
File Size4.82 GB
Minimum System Requirements
CPUIntel Pentium 4 3.2GHz / AMD Athlon 64 3500+
Graphics256 MB
Free Disk Space5 GB
Operating SystemWindows 10 / 11 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP

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