Granny 3 PC Game Download for Windows 10/11/7/8

Granny 3

No granny yet can match the scary old-timer in Granny 3. The franchise returns with an even scarier instalment to its popular franchise, allowing players to experience the thrill of horror games live never before. Granny 3 became available for PC gamers in August 2021 and now holds a special place in the hearts of many horror gamers.


Granny 3 begins with the main character locked in a makeshift cell by one of the old-timers. The classic house has a drawbridge (which is already drawn to avoid your escape) and other vintage structures.

Throughout the game, you will discover different items across its map to aid your escape. There’s a catch while you’re searching for a way out – Grandpa can’t hear you but Granny can. You need to do all you can to escape as quietly as possible to avoid alerting granny. If you ever drop an item or make a noise in a silent area, do your best to flee the scene before granny arrives.

You have a total of five (5) days to perfect and complete your escape as the game begins. If grandma or grandpa succeeds in killing the main character, you lose one day per death. You also need to watch out for traps and other obstacles that could cause significant harm to your character.


Granny 3 doesn’t boast a massive arsenal in an obvious attempt to make its gameplay as realistic as possible. However, players get a couple of weapons for defence (or attack) at different stages of this game.

You will have to progress through the game to unlock a slingshot as your first weapon. Later on, you can gain access to Grandpa’s shotgun and expand your inventory against attacks.

Graphics and Sound

Granny 3 does not have the best graphics, but its sound offers a thrilling edge to gamers’ overall experience.

Replay Value

You’ll need to play Granny 3 more than once to progress through to the end. It doesn’t have a massive replay value like other titles, but it’s a game you could love to play as much as possible if you love its plot.


No save feature

For all the edge-of-your-seat, nail-biting adventure, you’ll expect Granny 3 to have a save feature. You can’t save this game and must complete it at once. The lack of an auto or manual save feature is a huge turn-off, and many player ratings point out this omission.

Limited escape options

The base game for Granny 3 came with a single escape option, something advanced gamers will not fancy. New-age games tend to provide multiple scenarios along with each title. DVloper (the game’s creator) may include new scenarios with new versions, but its initial one-way escape is not what avid fans expected from a 2021 game.


Granny 3 does not boast world-class graphics, but it makes up for this with a thrilling storyline and intriguing game progression. Diehard fans of the Granny franchise will love all it has to offer right now, but there’s so much the game can be overall. Its lack of a longer story, fewer obstacles, a relatively easy map, and other limitations may turn off some gamers.

NameGranny 3
File Size347 MB
Minimum System Requirements
CPUIntel Core TM i5 750 processor
GraphicsSapphire Radeon HD 5770 1GB
Free Disk Space800 MB
Operating SystemWindows 10 / 11 / 7 / 8

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