The Watson-Scott Test PC Game Download for Windows 10/11/8/7

The Watson-Scott Test

Players engage The Watson-Scott Test and find out about its deep horror undertone in the first episode. The 2018 PC game now enjoys widespread popularity among options in the horror and multiple-choice category. Let’s look closer into the game’s features to see everything on offer. You can decide if this game is appealing enough for your PC gaming needs.


The game bases on personality tests, allowing players select a range of answers to thirty (30) questions. These questions can go from simple and personal to quite weird before each episode ends.

Common questions asked in this game could inquire whether a player is afraid of ghosts or snakes. Other questions could seek to know if you lie a lot, listen with intent, or aim to face danger headlong. Quizzes like this make up a significant part of the game, but that’s not everything.

The game’s developers target users’ psyche with a series of sound and branching effects throughout the whole experience. These effects make each Q and A session unique, with each passing test revealing the game’s deeper secrets.


Striking questions

The W-S Test provides an impressive psycho-horror encounter unlike any other from a Q and A game. Questions get more direct and personal any time you finish each session, and it’s easy to forget this game is just a fictional product. Deep gameplay into its sections will feel real, even if it ultimately isn’t.

Suspense-filled audio

The game comes with striking spatial audio that delivers a suspenseful setting whenever you’re in a session. Its captivating sound is a major reason why players term this game truly scary. Players can experience wide-ranging interactive sounds throughout this game to earn immersive gameplay across episodes.

Branching questions

Questions get more and more personal with the generation narrative inserted in this game. Players can take multiple tests and observe questions getting closer than ever.

Progress saves

Saving your progress is easy and allows you keep a copy of this game to resume whenever you want. The game also comes with a share feature to spread information about your tests with friends.

Easy gameplay

You can complete this game mostly with a mouse since the bulk of all it offers revolves around ticking potential answers.

Replay Value

Have you ever wanted to experience a striking horror game with multi-choice questions? You’ll want to experience this personality test game once more after your first try. It has great replay value, even if it mainly provides a set of questions spread over two (2) episodes.


The Watson-Scott Test is only available in English. Potential gamers who only speak other languages will have a hard time navigating this title’s features.


The W-S Test can be quite an intriguing option to your game collection, if you consider all the striking horror it promises. However, it lacks several languages many players may wish to experience the game in. You may choose to install this game if you can understand its sole language and have no issues with spell-binding horror.

NameThe Watson-Scott Test
AuthorNormal Wholesome Games
File Size141 MB
Minimum System Requirements
CPUIntel® 2GHz Dual Core Processor / AMD Phenom™ X3 8750
GraphicsIntel® HD Graphics
Free Disk Space500 MB
Operating SystemWindows 10 / 11 / 8 / 7 64-bit

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