Silica Game Download for PC (Windows 10/11)

Silica Game

Silica is a real-time shooter video game that was released in 2023 by Martin Dram and published by Bohemia Interactive. The game has been released on Microsoft, Windows, Xbox 30, and PlayStation. The game is Set in the 24th century in Belarus.

Silica’s game follows a three-sided resource war over Bacterium, a valuable power manipulation. The game features a hybrid of the shooter and strategy gameplay; both modes are accessible to factions.

Silica: Mixed Reviews

The game was released in early access on 3 May 2023. It received mixed but positive reviews, with the most reviews say the game was impactful. Early access to the game Silica is $19.99. After the developers finishes its development stage. The new game update has a Discord server available for players who want to discuss the game.

There are no reviews of the game Silica on Steam. So if you love or want some changes in the game, it requests you leave some reviews for the others interested in buying it.

Silica: My Review to the Game

I recently played the game Silica. I found it challenging. My biggest worry is whether or not the urge to play more is more potent than any frustration from unfinished bits. But there is a persistent problem that the balance between two modes is present.

AI-controlled enemies are notorious, and Playing on the ground as a soldier isn’t impactful. The weapons are not impactful in the game. They are not helpful to beat the enemies.

Silica: Incredible Gameplay

Silica, the video game, has real-time strategy gameplay. The first person in the game is sitting with you, playing for an infantry unit. The latter is used when playing for a commander. The infantry has multiple classes and vehicles, while the commander mode has to gather the resources and enemy units. Players can control the units anytime; AI fills the role commander slot, and other players fill the multiplayer mode.

The game has two factions; one is Sol, and the other is Centauraus, which have laser weapons and missiles. In this, you must combat relying on the use of vehicles.

The Alein faction has to play differently as compared to other human factions. On the other hand, infantry is capable of doing melee attacks. Their units and structures are more vulnerable. Your ultimate goal for performing in all factions is to destroy the factions, the target resource.

Silica has five game modes:

  1. Prospector Mode,
  2. Infantry-only mode
  3. Strategic Mode
  4. Arena Mode,
  5. Battle mode

The Verdict

I personally felt that game was so so when it comes to weapons. But overall I can say that you must try it if you wants to kill your enemies with different weapons. If you love or want some changes in the game, it requests you leave some reviews for the others interested in buying it.

AuthorBohemia Incubator
File Size14.50 GB
Minimum System Requirements
CPUIntel Core i5-7400 3GHz or AMD equivalent processor
GraphicsGeForce GTX 970 or AMD Radeon RX 570
Free Disk Space24 GB
Operating SystemWindows 10 / 11 64-bit

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