Remix OS

Remix OS Player

  • File Version: Remix OS Player 1.0.110
  • File Name: RemixOSPlayerPackage-B2016111403.exe
  • File Size: 744 MB
  • Author: Jide Technology Co.
  • License: Freeware
  • Updated: June, 14th 2021
  • Requirements: Windows 10 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 8 / Windows 7

The android version Remix OS Player is accessible to everyone created by the company named Jide. Some features that are missing in Android and Mac are added to Remix OS with certain basic features of Android.

Few supports like keyboard and support, window interfaces, file manager and system bar, etc. Some third-party apps are also installed in Remix OS Player. You can install Remix OS in some of the famous laptop brands, but Remix OS keeps adding support for additional machines along with newer versions.

Background of Remix OS Player

Remix OS Player was developed by Android-x86. It enables Android to operate on common PC hardware as Remix OS is an open-source project. Remix OS procures a system to the window which makes the OS much more instinctive. You will appreciate operating this software on a PC. You can boot up the Remix OS by applying it to a USB drive. The USB drive also allows saving your personal files and settings.

Features of Remix OS Player

The OS now promotes a menu bar such as the taskbar operated in Windows. It operates across the whole width of the display. The bottom left intensifies a logo button namely Jide that will activate an app launcher through the start menu. The PC accentuates icons for all the icons, features, applications, etc. It is relatively identical to a Mac OS X. Everything you could determine from a desktop OS is accessible with Remix OS. It allows to access context menus by right-clicking along with the keyboard shortcuts. According to your personal preference, you can also resize the windows. Users who benefit from the apps in the Google Play Store will discover that the OS functionality is exceptional to Chrome OS extensions.

Drawbacks of Remix OS Player

Some users of Remix OS have reported that the cursor of the program is very troublesome. It fills with one click as Remix OS is an empty circle. It takes the appearance of the cursor which keeps on loading hence it becomes confusing. But nothing is loading in the background. Others have reported that the settings of software are mostly restricted to the established ones on Android. Also, some people complained that the main focus should be on settings as it was strictly effective to the new interface. Some apps don’t regulate as modeled that typically works on phones unless you keep the size of the window as that of the phone.


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