Windows 7

Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate SP1

  • File Name: WINDOWS_7_EN_US.iso
  • File Size: 3.51 GB
  • Author: Microsoft Corporation
Minimum System Requirements
  • CPU: Intel Pentium 4 2.4GHz / AMD Athlon XP 1600+
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • Free Disk Space: 15 GB
  • Graphics: DirectX 9

Introduction: With Windows 7 Ultimate joining as the latest member of Microsoft’s Windows NT family of Operating systems, we have arrived at yet another landmark in the history of operating systems. Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 was released in October 2009 almost 3 years after its predecessor Windows Vista was launched. Basically, its developers expected it to be an upgraded model of the previous OS. The result is quite visible and promising.

What’s new about it?

A squeaky clean look, thanks to the multitasking taskbar. Users can simply pin their most sought-after applications to the taskbar and easily accesses them when they need those. One of my favorite features of this new OS is Files Libraries which allows the user to access the required file without any hassle. Four libraries contain images, video, music, and documents. The users can directly access those without bothering about the original location of the file. Windows Media Player 12 allows you to stream music directly from iTunes.

User Interface:

The User Interface carries an uncluttered look, thanks to the taskbar on which you can pin different apps. Further, the taskbar allows you to keep a tab on different windows. To make our tasks easier, it allows us to access different files or features of different apps on the taskbar without actually opening them. It is super helpful and saves us a lot of time. An updated Windows Aero feels like a breath of fresh air. Windows has done away with the tacky animations of Windows Vista. A translucent format allows the applications to manage a clear arrangement. The interface also contains an icon called Action Centre which allows the user to have a precise overview of maintenance and security. Even the stock applications (which come preloaded) have been updated to allow a smooth experience.

More Updates:

Most importantly, this new Operating System is power savvy and goes easy on the RAM. The issues from the previous operating systems have been fixed. Compatibility to different devices and across different platforms has been criticized in the case of the earlier OS but in this edition of Windows 7 Ultimate, that flaw has also been neutralized. Earlier operating systems were interrupted by the constant naggings of the User Account Control System. It has been fixed.

Final Verdict:

Unlike the previous editions of Windows operating systems, this one received critical praise. The addition of libraries, along with the multitasking Task Bar has made the job easier for many Windows users. The superior user interface, moderate consumption of power and RAM together with improved security makes Windows 7 Professional one of the best in its range.


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