Phoenix OS

Phoenix OS

  • File Version:
  • File Name: PhoenixOSInstaller-v3.6.1.564-x64.exe
  • File Size: 635 MB
  • Author: Chaozhou Technology Co.
  • License: Freeware
  • Updated: June, 14th 2023
  • Requirements: Windows 10 / Windows 11 / Windows 8 / Windows 7

Phoenix OS Emulator is accessible to everyone is a project operating system that is based on an Android™ system that can be easily installed on laptops or desktops. Phoenix OS is an enhanced version of Android™ which mainly focuses on generating Windows features such as the Task Bar and Start menu. The purpose of Phoenix OS is to make the users feel more satisfied when moving to Android™ from Windows®.

Basics of Emulator Phoenix OS

You can easily download Phoenix OS as a custom Read-Only Memory. Then you can install in Nexus® 10 tablet or maybe Google® Nexus®9. Also, there is an x86 version to download which can be loaded up on a USB flash drive. Just go along and take that along with you for computing. However this Emulator is designed to operate on large screens, it is still operative on small-sized devices. Keyboard and mouse devices are also supportable in this emulator.

How to use Phoenix OS Emulator on your Desktop and what are its requirements?

Fairly, Phoenix OS can be used easily. Now we should discuss the installation steps of Phoenix OS. First of all Plugin a USB flash drive that includes a minimum of 4GB space. You must save the significant data since the information that is not saved will be cleaned after a few steps. Now download the ZIP file of Emulator. Simultaneously, the USBMaker tool should also be downloaded. Run the ZIP file of USBMaker.exe accordingly select the downloaded ZIP file, the flash drive letter, and then the box must be selected for “write”. Now the USB flash drive is plugged in where you want to run this Emulator. Now just boot your computer and from the menu having boot options, selecting the USB Flash Drive. This Emulator gets installed very easily and quicker than you expect and is build up with a solid user experience design.

The Control and style of Phoenix OS

Someone who used Windows® or maybe other Android™ OS substitutes like Remix OS will observe that Emulator is very lenient to operate. It has a multi-window support system, a basic desktop, and a taskbar. To access a menu you should use the Phoenix logo that is located in the bottom-left. This Emulator occupies the whole screen when you launch the app menu for the first time. Clicking on the arrow icon shrinks the screen hence it exits the full screen further. This Emulator also permits you to operate miscellaneous apps at a similar time.


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