Cricket 19 PC Game Download (Windows 10/11/7/8)

Cricket 19 PC Game

Cricket 19 is a 2019 cricket video game. The game was published and developed by Big Ant Studios. The game was based on the Ashes series of 2019. The game is also the first sequel to Ashes Cricket 2017. The game was released on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox One. The game was released on 31 July for Windows and on 22 October on Xbox One

ABOUT Cricket 19 GAME

Cricket 19 will take you to the glory of the cricket. It is truly based on cricket. In the game you get a chance to lead your team to the glory of cricket that was sponsored by the Big Any Studios. In the game, you can control the team as a captain. You can captain at the national level, T20, ODI, or Test, and lead the teams to the glory.

In the game, the remarkable thing is you can create your club and sponsor logos and uniforms. The game is just like a cricket world cup. For a person who is a cricket fan and loves to play or watch cricket, then Cricket 19 is the treat for them.

Amazing Features

  1. Deep player Mode
  2. Amazing Stadia,
  3. Design your own Logo
  4. Scenario creator
  5. Full support for all formats of cricket
  6. Game introduces you to Real-world AI Tactics

Incredible Gameplay

Cricket 19’s presentation and gameplay are similar to the Australian slip cordon. The game is like the real thing. You are playing cricket with such notable players. In the game, there is a Scenario mode in which you welcome the teams, provide them substantial and improve the game with their AI. It feels a more palpably challenging one also.

Cricket 19 introduces you to a different mode. In the game, players can begin a match in any situation. The Cricket 19 game will enable users to play through different cricket formats, such as ODI, T20, and test world cups. ICC allows the players to complete their needs. The game has a career mode in which a rookie plays as an existing cricketer.

My Review to the Game

The game has exciting graphics, just like the T20 World Cup format. The game captured the style of a TV match broadcast with commentators. It provides the infield view as if watching a cricket match in the stadium.

A 50-over match can have more than 300 deliveries in it for the bowling side, and if you lose the coin toss, it will be a while before you get your turn at the crease. If you love to play cricket, then Cricket 19 is a treat for you.

The Verdict

Summertime is cricket time. Cricket 19 is the happy time for the fans who need a break from their hectic schedule. And for the ones who miss the cricket. The game was developed by remembering that Australia has no matches to play in winter. So, to keep cricket fans of Australia indulging in the game, the developers of Cricket 19 created the Cricket 19 game.

Both the men’s and women’s series are represented in the game.

NameCricket 19
AuthorBig Ant Studios
File Size11.44 GB
Minimum System Requirements
CPUIntel Core i3-3210 / AMD Athlon II X4 555 processor
Graphics2 GB
Free Disk Space25 GB
Operating SystemWindows 10 / 11 / 8 / 7 64-bit

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