Mafia 2 PC Game Download for Windows 11/10/7/8

Mafia 2

Mafia 2 PC Game is a third-person action-adventure game part of the Mafia trilogy released in August 2010. The game was developed by 2K Czech and published by 2K Games as a sequel to the Mafia I released in 2002. It was released for Microsoft Windows, and the high-end consoles at that time, specifically PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

The game revolves around a Sicilian immigrant, Vito Scaletta who gets arrested during a robbery in 1943. He is allowed to join the U.S. Military to avoid serving any jail time. In 1945, Vito is allowed to return home, and that is how his life of crime begins. He gradually climbs the crime hierarchy in order to live a good lifestyle.

Mafia Gameplay:

The game is based in a fictional city known as Empire Bay (which is actually New York City, Los Angeles, Detroit, Chicago, and San Francisco). Players get to control the protagonist, Vito Scaletta from a third-person perspective view. There are two ways of traveling, that is either by using a vehicle or by foot.

The game comes in three levels, easy, medium, hard and extreme (cut from the final version). The game gets difficult as the level increases. For example, with the easy level, the health of the character takes little damage and regenerates faster. On the hard level, the character’s health takes damage from the slightest impacts, regeneration of health is also slow.

Gaming Controls:

Players have complete control of their character. Players are allowed to commit various crimes as they play. For example, you steal a vehicle when there is a need for you to reach your next destination quickly. Driving is a bit difficult as compared to other interactive video games. This is because the developers were trying to make the driving experience more realistic, hence, it is difficult to drive without destroying your car.

Game Editions:

Unlike other video games that have only one version at a particular time, Mafia 2 comes in different editions. It comes in different editions targeting different people. The editions are:

  • Collectors edition: The collector’s edition comes with 9 items: an art book, a Map of Empire Bay, a CD of the Orchestral Soundtrack, and a Made Man Pack that includes two classic luxury automobiles, a vintage tuxedo, and two “made man” suits.
  • Deluxe Edition: The deluxe edition has fewer items than the collector’s edition but it is still premium. It contains a Made Made Pack, an art book, a map, and a digitized version of the soundtracks.
  • Director’s Cuts: This is known as the premium edition of the game. It comes with four style packs and Joe’s Adventures, Jimmy’s Vendetta, and The Betrayal of Jimmy.
  • Deluxe Edition: The deluxe edition has fewer items than the collector’s edition but it is still premium. It contains a Made Made Pack, an art book, a map, and a digitized version of the soundtracks.
  • Definitive Edition: This is the latest edition of the franchise released in 2020. It was released digitally for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam for PC. The definitive edition is the remastered version of the game, coming with better graphics. It still has the same story as the original version, with the difference being the improvement in visuals and audio.
NameMafia 2
Author2K Czech
File Size3.57 GB
Minimum System Requirements
CPUIntel Pentium 3Ghz or AMD Athlon 64 X2 3600+ (Dual-core) or higher
Graphics256 MB
Free Disk Space8 GB
Operating SystemWindows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP

How to Download and Install PC Game?

We have the simple instructions you need to download and install the game.

  • First, click on the download button and you will be redirected to the final download page then download the file on your PC.
  • Once you've downloaded the file, open the folder where you saved the file.
  • Then Right-click on the zip file and click on the "extract files..." option from the dropdown menu. If your computer hasn't a zip file extract software installed then you have to first install it. (such as WinRAR, 7Zip software)
  • Open the Download PC Game folder.
  • Then double click on the "Setup.exe" icon to install/play the game.
  • If asked to allow the program to make changes to your device, click "Yes" to continue.
  • After the installation, If you get any missing dll errors or the game isn't launching, then open the Readme.txt document and follow the instructions to play the game.

And there you go! You have successfully launched the game.

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