Tattletail PC Game Download for Windows 10/11/7/8

Tattletail PC Game

Tattletail is a horror video game and has gone on to become a popular choice among gamers since its 2016 release. Players experience the entire game through a pet toy called Tattletail as it tries to evade its recalled version (a jump scare villain called Mama Tattletail). Pet horror games are making a comeback, and this game looks set to become one of top classics in the genre.

Let’s explore several elements of Tattletail through this review. In this review, you will gain access to details about the gameplay experience, graphics, endings, and other vital info about this popular horror game set in Christmastime.


The game begins with your character opening a Christmas present early to see a cute, Furby-like toy called a Tattletail.

Your character and Tattletail must survive for five nights before Christmas and you need to brush, feed, and charge the pet toy throughout this time. The player must help this pet toy in completing objectives scattered throughout the game’s map. You must always care for your character or risk it making noises that attract Mama to its location.

Mama will always sense Tattletail’s noises and eventually try to harm your character later on in the game. You will have to collect eggs placed throughout the game’s map to experience a different alternate ending from default conclusions.

Alternate Endings

Tattletail promises gamers at least three alternate endings, allowing players experience this title at a different level. Let’s explore each alternate ending and how the game concludes differently in each scenario.

Good ending

You must collect every egg throughout the game to experience the good ending which sees you open the presents and get gifts from Tattletail.

Bad ending

Players will experience the bad ending when they fail to collect every egg throughout this game’s map. In this ending, players will have no response to Mama Tattletail’s jump-scare attack before the end credits roll.

Comic ending

A third ending sees players exit the map with Tattletail, causing your pet toy to experience glitches. These glitches will continue until the game credits come up, ending the game’s sequence. If you follow this ending through, your progress level will return to the start menu, starting from the previous stage.


Tattletail does not feature extreme graphical quality common in games released around the same period. However, it still does a decent job in providing players enough visual clarity required to enjoy the game throughout each stage.

Replay Value

Tattletail may look like a basic horror game, but it packs enormous replay value throughout its levels. The game offers players at least three endings, allowing different conclusions to each game. Tattletail’s immersive nature ensures gamers want to experience more of its levels, and you’ll need to beat every stage at least three times to finish the game.

The DLC also comes with more stages and an interesting gameplay experience, allowing players experience Tattletail on a whole different level.


Just one DLC from this game doesn’t seem to appeal to gamers. Players usually need more DLCs to access more content, but Tattletail doesn’t provide many options.


Tattletail may not have many DLCs, but it still provides enough content to pass as a premium Christmas horror game. PC gamers looking for an intense horror adventure will appreciate everything on offer from this title.

AuthorWaygetter Electronics
File Size223 MB
Minimum System Requirements
CPUIntel® 2.0 GHz Dual Core Processor
GraphicsVideo card with 512MB of VRAM
Free Disk Space500 MB
Operating SystemWindows 10 / 11 / 8 / 7

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