Age of History II PC Game Download for Windows 10/11/7/8

Age of History II

Grand strategy games are always exciting, especially if you’re a long-time fan of these games. Age of History II (formerly Age of Civilization II) is a turn-by-turn strategy game that allows players model human civilizations with each click. The classic game has become a fan favourite in recent years after its release on Windows PCs in 1996.

Let’s explore every vital detail of this classical game from its gameplay, graphics, available packs, and more. Look through this review to see if this classic game of different human civilizations will be ideal for gaming on your PC.


In Age of History II, players must take a civilization from their dawning moment far into the future. Strategies must be employed to put your civilization at its best position throughout its expansion.

Players start this game on the selection screen and can pick among historical civilizations to develop throughout each session. Your civilization will compete against computer-controlled rival empires for total world domination, bringing another level of excitement to strategy gameplay.

Players can use tactics like military assaults or diplomacy through the game to either bring the world together or turn other civilizations into vassals. Each campaign lasts for thousands of years throughout the game, but players get a fast-tracked version of dates to make each session interesting.


Some of the major features available from Age of History II are an improvement from its preceding version. Players now have access to wider maps with more historically-accurate borders for lifelike gameplay. Other unique additions to the game also sees players manage:

Peace treaties

You can organize peace treaties throughout the game, bringing former foes to your side. Peace treaties can help you unify against larger foes or bring enemies into your fold.

In-game editors

In-game editors allow you tweak the overall gaming experience to create different challenges to explore across its large map.

Diverse terrain and populations

Age of History II pays more attention to detailing, allowing gamers experience diverse terrains throughout its huge map. Players can also experience immersive gameplay with the introduction of diverse populations across this game.


Players who make poor strategy choices could become vassals at some point throughout the game. However, revolutions can take place to put your civilization back at the helm of affairs.


Age of History II doesn’t have the best graphical quality, but its impressive attention to strategy and massive civilizations appeals to most players.

Replay Value

Huge civilizations, a couple of expansion packs, and other exciting features gives Age of History II enormous replay value. Players can appreciate its massive list of empires to choose from, create their own civilizations, and engage in intense strategy for long periods.


Age of History II does not have many expansion packs. Players only have two packs to experience throughout each game and they don’t feature too many unique elements from the base title.


Age of History II is a must-have for many strategy gamers with its immersive storyline and other exciting features it offers. Gamers who desire expansive strategy titles will fancy everything on offer from this game.

NameAge of History II
AuthorŁukasz Jakowski
File Size339 MB
Minimum System Requirements
CPUIntel® Core™ 2 Duo E6600 / AMD Phenom™ X3 8750
GraphicsHardware Accelerated Graphics with dedicated memory
Free Disk Space500 MB
Operating SystemWindows 10 / 11 / 8 / 7

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