DRIFT21 PC Game Download for Windows 10/11/7/8


DRIFT21 got its anticipated release in mid-2021, allowing players experience drift gaming with ease. The game adopts several features from previous releases with new functions to excite players. Let’s explore the game through this review to see if it has all you need from a drift game.


DRIFT21 is a race track game that allows players use standard vehicles or create unique cars. Players get to use these cars on race tracks specially designed for this game. The game also allows players partake in challenges to test several skills on different modes.


Many custom features

Players can customize their vehicles with greater control through this game. The customization window allows players tweak cars with 1800+ available components. You can access these features in your garage menu to swap paint, wheels, suspensions, engines, body, decals, and more.

All these customizable features allow players build a custom drift car with great add-ons. It becomes easier to achieve racing control, build a unique vehicle, and do much more with these custom options.

Licensed cars

DRIFT21 packs some serious firepower with thirteen (13) licensed cars available for use. You can test your desire for classical cars with a Ford Mustang or get a Nissan 350Z, Toyota AE86, and other vehicles. The game gives players top cars from other manufacturers like BMW, Subaru, and Mazda.

Different engines

Getting your desired engine gives you greater ease and drifting potential. In this game, players can access six (6) engine types to boost speeds, assume greater control, and lots more. Engines available in this game are 3-rotor, 4-rotor, Boxer, R6, R4, and V8. Take advantage of these engine types during setup and get any drifting experience you desire.

Special courses

The game supports players’ desire for drifting with thirteen (13) special tracks. Each track comes with a unique design that allows players achieve mastery of drifting from multiple courses. Seven (7) EBISU tracks, 2 training tracks, 2 stadium tracks, and 2 unique courses are available to drift on.

Many singleplayer modes

Seven (7) singleplayer modes are available, boosting a unique experience for gamers. Players can engage game modes like quick race, career, free ride, solo run, sandbox, gymkhana, and time attack.

Different multiplayer modes

Five (5) multiplayer modes in this game supports more excitement among co-op gamers. Multiplayer modes on DRIFT21 gives gamers four (4) events and 1 free ride track.


Engage challenges to boost your drift control through tracks in this game. Several challenges are available on single and multiplayer modes.

Replay Value

DRIFT21 packs immense replay value, allowing gamers experience its wide range of features with unique parts to explore. Players can get access to different tracks, game modes, vehicles, and more for greater excitement.


The base game is only accessible on Windows devices, limiting its reach from other users.


DRIFT21 promises an exhilarating drift experience with its custom EBISU tracks and other exciting courses. It may be a drift game you need with its superb gameplay, customization features, and more.

NameDRIFT21 PC Game
File Size1.68 GB
Minimum System Requirements
CPUIntel i5 4th gen 2.5 Ghz / AMD FX8350 4.0 Ghz
Graphics1 GB
Free Disk Space10 GB
Operating SystemWindows 10 / 11 / 7 / 8 64-bit

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