Hookah Cafe Simulator Game Download for PC

Hookah Cafe Simulator

Hookah Cafe Simulator is a popular cooking simulator from Rubbish Games (quite an odd name to be fair). The cooking simulation game assumes inner workings of a restaurant where players can manage and grow their virtual business. Players can experience what it feels like to manage orders, improve menus, hire staff, expand the business, and much more.

Let’s explore every vital section of this game and what each element provides. You’ll know if it has all you need from a cooking simulation game through this review.


Players begin as owners of the Hookah Café and must do everything possible to elevate the restaurant’s profile and expand its profit margins. You can access different sections of your restaurant as you try to fulfil all customer orders on time. The game also allows players gather profit which can go into buying new kitchen gear, hiring staff, expansions, and much more.



Players can perform far-reaching renovations on the restaurant. You can decide to expand to accommodate more customers or bring in new equipment. Change the aesthetic of your restaurant and get better control of your restaurant’s overall appearance.

Different hookah flavours

Become a master of hookah preparation. Offer this famous oriental staple in different flavours. Spicing up hookah from your café will be easier with several flavours available.

Massive menu

You can cook different meals throughout this game with so many recipes available. Players can navigate through items in their inventory to produce street food, fancy dishes, and many other delicious servings.


The game gives you options to hire new staff and improve your workforce across sections in your café. You can put together a reliable team to help you manage larger orders, complete pending deliveries, and more.

Review system

Your restaurant will receive reviews after serving a given number of guests. Some guests may write damning reviews; however, good service from your countertop to the customer’s table is essential. The review system in this game serves as a performance assessor. You will easily see where improvements are possible and make those changes to boost your online reviews.


Do you need a self-sustainable café with its special tobacco cultivation area? Check out this game and all it provides to help you become a self-reliant café for tobacco production. Players can take advantage of information throughout this cultivation season to know how these plants really work.


Players can complete equipment upgrades throughout this game, allowing easy updates to essentials in your kitchen. All players get to manage the entire equipment inventory and make necessary maintenance decisions. A player could decide to maintain equipment to prevent clogged orders or breakdowns in the café’s kitchen.

Replay Value

The cooking simulator does not offer massive replay value and might be tiring if you get to achieve all its objectives.


The game provides several options to manage and grow your café; however, it should have a city-wide design. Players cannot manage more than one branch or serve multiple districts with makeshift cafés, and this limits the game’s potential.


Hookah Cafe Simulator is an impressive cooking simulation game that allows you manage a business, expand, and gain more success throughout its runtime. It could be your ideal cooking simulator game if you don’t mind performing repeat tasks across levels.

NameHookah Cafe Simulator
AuthorRubbish Game
File Size1.86 GB
Minimum System Requirements
CPUIntel 3 GHz Dual Core / AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+ Processor
GraphicsIntel HD Graphics 4000 or better
Free Disk Space8 GB
Operating SystemWindows 10 / 11 / 7 / 8 64-bit

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